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If You’re A Chevy Truck Owner, Join The Club!

The Chevy Truck Owners Association was formed as a community of like minded owners who love their trucks, and want to help each other with questions regarding anything Chevy related.

You can see the full list of benefits of  being a member below:

Private Facebook Group

Members assemble in a private Facebook group dedicated to CTOA.

This is strictly a CHEVY ONLY group….no others allowed!

In fact, many new friendships have been formed between members in this private community because of all the interaction on Facebook. Some members even find that they live near each other.

Private Members Area

Facebook is not the only place members get value, however. Since Facebook has the ability to restrict what we say, post and link to…

There is also a PRIVATE Members Area off of Facebook where we have all kinds of training, resources and other cool stuff available. This private area is also where all the “good stuff” is archived and can be easily found.

One problem with Facebook is that something posted today will eventually scroll into oblivion – and even the search feature of Facebook groups doesn’t work that well, so it made sense to store everything worth keeping in an organized and secure location!


Monthly Newsletter

Want to know the latest and greatest of what’s going on in the Chevy market? No worries we got you covered! Every month our newsletter will deliver you valuable information on trucking to make your life that much easier!

Every month we put together valuable resources and tips on parenting, compile them into a newsletter and deliver them directly to your inbox!

Buyers Club Discount

VIP Club members get up to 50% discounts plus other deals on merchandise at our sponsor stores

Discover The Benefits Yourself!

You don’t have to wonder if being a member of the CTOA is for you…

We offer you an opportunity to discover all the benefits for yourself.

Come make friends, and enjoy being on the “inside” with a 21 day trial that’s available for just $1.

You will even receive a cool CTOA Member vinyl decal; to see it just click the link below and check it out!

See you on the inside…

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